8 good reasons to Invest in Short-Term Rentals

Real estate investment is an increasingly popular choice for those looking for financial growth opportunities and a source of passive income. Croatia, with its charming tourist destinations and economic growth, has attracted the interest of many real estate investors. But how can you maximize returns and minimize worries when investing, whether you are a foreign or domestic investor? The ideal option could be to entrust the management of your property to local professional experts. Let's see 8 good reasons why this can be so advantageous.

  1. Worry elimination: By entrusting the management of your property in Croatia to serious and qualified professionals, you can avoid the challenges and worries associated with property management, especially if you are a foreign owner or do not live near the property. Rent Angels, which has been handling all aspects of property managment for years, from repairs and maintenance to acquiring new guests, ensures that your investment is always well-maintained.

  2. Local knowledge: Rent Angels has an in-depth understanding of the Croatian local market. This means they can set the right rental price to maximize your return and identify the best investment opportunities. Their experience protects you from costly mistakes and helps you identify market trends.

  3. Return maximization: By relying on experts, you can maximize the potential of your investment. Professional property management can help ensure that your property is always rented, minimizing periods of inactivity. Furthermore, proper property maintenance can maintain or increase its value over time.

  4. Time and energy saving: Managing a real estate investment requires time and effort. If you are looking for passive income, relying on Rent Angels for management allows you to free yourself from these responsibilities. You can focus on other activities and enjoy your life, knowing that your investment is in good hands, whether you are a foreign investor or a domestic owner.

  5. Potential returns over 10%: Entrusting Rent Angels can help you maximize your returns. With proper management, a real estate investment in Croatia can offer returns exceeding 10%, making it an attractive choice for investors of all nationalities.

  6. Professional maintenance and renovations: In addition to management, Rent Angels can take care of the necessary maintenance and renovations, keeping the property in excellent condition.

  7. Avoiding the risk of rent defaulters: Relying on Rent Angels means having attentive and professional tenant management. Short-term rentals also help reduce the risk of tenant default, ensuring a stable income and less worry for property owners.

  8. Legal and tax assistance: The complexity of real estate laws and regulations can be overwhelming, especially if you are a property owner in a foreign country. Rent Angels offers legal and tax assistance, ensuring that your investment always complies with local laws, regardless of your nationality.

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Ester Barkovic
Posted by:: Ester Barkovic
Immediately after completing university and earning a degree in economics in Italy from Luiss Guido Carli University in Rome, in 2000, the author founded and managed one of the first Italian e-commerce websites, followed by several others that are still in operation. After achieving success in Italy, the author decided to return to Croatia and founded Rent Angels, a company that specializes in property management in Croatia, quickly becoming a leading company in the field.

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