The Services We Offer for Your Property in Croatia

Here are the services we offer to manage your property in Croatia effectively.

We take care of everything that may concern your property, from guest management for short-term rentals, to maintenance, to home automation control, to renovations.

  • Complete Apartment Management
  • Short-Term Rental Management
  • Self-check-in for Guests
  • Maintenance and Renovations
  • Garden and Exterior Care
  • Apartment Cleaning
  • Professional Linen and Towel Washing
  • Guest Supplies Management
  • Administrative Services
  • Swimming Pool Maintenance
  • Renovations
Rent Angels Reception

How to?

After receiving the basic information about your apartment (or your properties) from you, one of our managers will see your property in Croatia. They will analyze the characteristics of your apartment, location, strengths, and any improvements needed to achieve a better rental price, as well as the competition in the area.

Property Evaluation

After a positive assessment of your property, a strategic proposal for the short, medium, and long term will be prepared with the goal of achieving the maximum 'rental price/days rented' ratio achievable with your property. A few days after the visit, you will be presented with a report that includes a revenue forecast for your property, with or without any improvement interventions.

Photography Service

Our managers will prepare the property with our furnishings for the photo shoot with specialized photographers with years of experience in apartment and villa photography. Drones will also be used for panoramic shots when useful to showcase the property. Photos that illustrate your property with the right marketing strategy can make a difference and receive more bookings.

Ad Creation

We will create ads on major short-term rental OTAs (Booking, Airbnb, etc.), with decades of experience in this sector, to make your property as appealing and desirable as possible. Your property will have its own website where guests can book directly to save on commissions, which is an important advantage, especially with returning guests.

Home Automation Control

Our experts will communicate directly with guests in the most commonly used languages (English, German, Italian, Croatian, etc.) both online and in person, providing information and instructions. We guarantee a response to your guests within 1 hour of their request (7 days a week) and in real-time during their stay in your property.


For the extreme convenience it offers to guests, the check-ins for apartments are almost exclusively electronically managed self-Check-Ins - no keys or 'key boxes.' This, in addition to the obvious convenience, allows for the easy proposition of availability and last-minute offers at any time of day and night.

Home Automation Control

We directly produce the software for guest access control and can remotely adjust and monitor the apartment's comfort thanks to the home automation controls we have developed. These controls can handle temperature, lighting management, energy savings, and welcome scenarios dedicated to guests.


Our professional operators will take care of cleaning the property thoroughly and with the highest quality standard. Linens are washed and sterilized directly in our laundry with low-temperature washes and ozone sterilization to preserve the fabric's quality or in other highly qualified professional laundries. You can also request rental for everything you need such as sheets and towels.

Maintenance and renovations

Our services also include routine and extraordinary maintenance, as well as garden and pool care. Cleaning, hygiene, and aesthetics are aspects that guests will always appreciate. Does your property in Croatia need renovation? No problem: we directly perform renovations of any type and can guarantee regular maintenance.

Administrative services

Whether you are a Croatian owner or not, we can handle all the authorization procedures for short-term rentals as well as everything related to the fiscal, administrative, and legal aspects of your property. From bill payments to anything else needed. Nothing is left to chance or any kind of improvisation. You will have the utmost peace of mind on this aspect and can be worry-free.