Frequently Asked Questions

How it works?

There are no recurring fixed costs. We focus on making your property profitable, and we reserve a percentage that depends on the type of property. This percentage can only be specified after our initial assessment, which does not commit you to entrust your property to us. The final decision will be yours once you have all the necessary information to evaluate.

Is a photo shoot always necessary? And if so, how much does it cost?

A photo shoot is a crucial aspect for presenting your property online. Unless you have high-quality professional photos/videos, we collaborate with our photographers who guarantee the desired result. The cost varies based on the type of work and the unique features of the property, and it will be communicated to you after the initial assessment.

Can I completely entrust my property to you without worrying about anything?

Certainly. We can handle all activities related to your property, and you won't have to do anything other than wait for your monthly income.

Is self check-in always necessary?

In principle, except for rare justified exceptions, self check-in is an integral practice of our company policy. It offers significant benefits to guests and cost savings.

What types of devices are used for self check-in?

We have various options for electronic devices, both produced by us and by third-party companies. No structural modifications are required, and we will adapt to the existing structure.

Can I later terminate the contract signed with you?

Certainly, after a minimum base period, you can terminate the contract without any problems.